A Letter from a Dedicated Supporter of One Hope United

Three years ago we were invited to Dining 2 Donate. We believe in One Hope United’s mission and wanted to support their fundraising efforts. Every year since then, Dining 2 Donate at Applebee’s falls on our daughter’s birthday so now it is tradition for us to come together at Applebee’s to celebrate not only another precious milestone for our little girl, but to celebrate the hard work and efforts made by those involved with One Hope United. We are proud to support Dining 2 Donate and will continue to include our dinner at Applebee’s as a birthday tradition. We believe that no matter what the cause, together we can all work together to make a difference in the lives of others.

In our hearts, we honestly believe that our daughter celebrating her birthday at Dining 2 Donate is symbolic of the innocence of children, them being loved, taken care of and being able to experience happiness as they reach different milestones in their lives.

It is a reminder of what One Hope United is striving to achieve in the lives of so many children. It would be amazing if every child in the world could be surrounded with as much love as she is. Her smile touches the hearts of so many. When family members can’t and are not providing this to a child or children, the wonderful One Hope United family steps up and dedicates themselves to these children. They work to ensure a better future for these children.

Thank you One Hope United for caring.


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