At One Hope United, one of our most important goals is to ensure a safe and loving home for every child. We invite and encourage parents in our communities who wish to start or expand their families to consider opening their doors—and hearts—and adopt through One Hope United.

We work with children of all ages who are youth in care due to abuse, neglect or abandonment. These children need a stable, dependable, forever home and a family they can call their own. One Hope United has support and counseling available for adoptive parents, children and families to help them grow together every step of the way.

One Hope United is searching nationwide for parents to adopt children who we care for in our Florida program. Contact one of our locations listed on this page if you are interested in learning more. Click here to learn more about adopting in Florida.

In Illinois, One Hope United adoption services are limited to our existing foster parents who are successfully fostering children already in their care. Our goal is always to provide children with a permanent home. In Illinois, adoption is a secondary permanency option that may be considered only if reunification with a parent or placement with a relative is not possible. Click here to learn more about adopting in Illinois.

We do not offer adoption services in Wisconsin or Missouri.

“We met our son at a One Hope United teen match event, and there was an almost instant bond. We decided to adopt him. Not every day was easy at first, but we were able to build a loving home based on mutual respect and empathy. Now, he’s getting ready for his senior year at the University of Miami. We’re so proud of all he has accomplished.” – Adoptive parent, Florida Region

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