Amazing Child Care Benefit For OHU Employees!

My name is Troels Soendergaard and I’ve been a part of One Hope United’s marketing team as the Digital Strategist for nearly 2 years. Recently, there was a big change made to our staff child care policy, significantly dropping the price of childcare at some of our centers for all OHU employees. This change is personally saving me over $1,200 a month! Knowing that it hasn’t been widely announced, I felt the need to share the positive impact that this change has made on my family because it could possibly do the same for other employees and for people considering becoming an employee at OHU!

After becoming a father 8 months ago, it quickly became clear that raising a child would be expensive. I grew up in Denmark and have never received nor seen a hospital bill. So when my son was born 6 weeks prematurely and had to stay in the intensive care unit for almost 10 days, it was quite the cultural shock for a Dane.

In a case of perfect timing, my wife and I began looking for child care providers in our neighborhood around the same time that we heard about OHU’s awesome new policy. We were pleasantly surprised at how affordable child care was for OHU staff and knew that it would greatly benefit our financial situation. My wife is a full time night student, studying to become a school counselor. She recently began interning three days a week, which is the reason behind our child care needs. It turned out that there was an open spot for our son at the Wilmette Child Development Center, only a 20 minute drive away from my wife’s internship. The center is more than we could have ever asked for, with teachers that are kind, thoughtful and very aware of our son’s developmental needs.

When searching for a new job position, it can be very easy to forget the value of great benefits. Human services agencies don’t always offer the highest salaries, but OHU will certainly make up for it in benefits. As an OHU employee, I can annually save around $15,000 after taxes on child care alone, which I’d say is quite a lot. I also can’t forget to mention the provided vacation and paid time off, which is a lot more than what is offered in the private sector.

Raising a child is hard work and can even be financially strenuous. Luckily, One Hope United has made the transition into parenthood a little less stressful and we are very grateful. Thank you OHU!

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