Boy with special needs finds forever home

When Adam was born, he was immediately placed in foster care. His father was in jail and his mother had threatened harm to an older sibling, who later was adopted. She also had a history of drug abuse, domestic violence, mental health issues and unstable housing. Both parents had their parental rights terminated.

Adam, now 8 years old, has special needs. He has autism and a variety of issues, including microcephaly; sensory food aversion; and impulse control, developmental and communication disorders. He has moved among foster homes 19 times. Despite those obstacles, Adam steadily made progress and did well in his school program. One Hope United continued to look for an appropriate adoption match for Adam.

At a recent match event, Mara, a single mom of a 17-year-old autistic son, saw Adam and they instantly connected. Adam spent time with her and he was happy, smiling “a big, beautiful grin,” said OHU Adoption Supervisor Barbara Hester. “From the very beginning, it was like he was home.”

Mara adopted Adam, set up schooling and made medical arrangements for him. He continues to thrive. One Hope United is grateful to have found a happy home for this special boy.

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