Child Care Subsidy (CCAP)

Child Care Subsidy (CCAP)

Child Care
Subsidy Program – CCAP

What is the Child Care Assistance Program?

The Child Care Assistance Program is a federal program providing low-income, working families with access to affordable child care. CCAP allows families to continue working while children develop healthy, emotional and social development skills.

Who Can Receive These Services?

The State of Illinois provides families with financial assistance for child care services while parents attend school, work, or other work related activities. In addition to helping low-income, working families, the Child Care Assistance Program also serves:

  • Families who are receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and participating in education & training in accordance with their responsibility and service plans (RSP);
  • Teen parents seeking a high school degree or its equivalent; and/or
  • Families not receiving TANF, who are pursuing additional education to improve their job opportunities.

Do I Qualify For Child Care Assistance

To find out if you and your family qualify for CCAP, please contact any one of our center directors.

Aurora Early Learning Center

Bridgeport Child Development Center

Bridgeport Child Development Center 2

Busy Bee Children’s Center

Edgewater Center

Elgin Child Family Resource Center

Joliet Early Learning Center

Waukegan Early Learning Center

What The Parents Are Saying

“CCAP has given my child the opportunity to grow into a well rounded person.”

“If it wasn’t for CCAP, I would have had to quit my job to take care of my son. ”

“My job doesn’t pay well,  but thanks to CCAP,  they were able to work with me so I can send my two children to a place where they can continue learning valuable skills. ”

“The center director at Aurora was beyond helpful. She helped me fill out all the necessary paperwork and even called to check up on how my child was liking the facility.”

“Everyone at the center has been great! All the teachers really care about our son and he loves going to the center every day  which makes our lives so much easier.”

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