Day treatment helps teen with ADHD learn coping, social skills

Alex is 16 and in 11th grade. When he arrived at the One Hope United Day Treatment program two and a half years ago, he had a list of behavior problems, including ADHD. He could not sit still and did not want to listen to staff showing him how to manage his behaviors. Eventually he realized the staff was trying to help him, enjoyed earning positive points for his behavior and was able to manage his ADHD.

Alex also had issues with his social skills. He always talked about himself, blurting out information to everyone he saw. One Hope United staff taught him to ask other people about their day and think about their needs instead of just his. When he felt angry, Alex would talk to his therapist. She helped him work out some family issues. She also worked with him on coping skills and reminded him to think about the consequences of his actions.

After nearly three years in day treatment, Alex was able to transition into a public high school as a full-time student. He plays football and, for the first time, made friends. He is able to sit still in class and keep quiet. He even plans on going to college to study science. Alex said the One Hope United staff “helped me become the successful young man I am today.”

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