DCFS Counseling Services

DCFS Counseling Services

DCFS Counseling Services

Program Purpose

One Hope United DCFS Counseling Services provide a strengths-based approach to improve the symptoms for which the client was referred. Some of these issues may include coping, parenting and communication skills of DCFS-involved families. One Hope United staff members encourage families to identify and solve problems using the internal strengths of each person as well as available support systems within their communities.

Services Offered

  • Individual counseling/therapeutic services for parents, children and adolescents.
  • Counseling/therapeutic services for foster parents to provide support and guidance.
  • Family counseling/therapeutic services.
  • Group counseling/therapeutic services.
  • Trauma Focused Services.

Who is Eligible?

Children and families who have open cases with DCFS, including Child Placement and Child Reunification. Individuals and families may be currently experiencing emotional, behavioral, social, parenting or mental health issues that negatively impact family functioning.


There is no cost to DCFS-referred families.


One Hope United accepts approved referrals from the Department of Children & Family Services and approved private agencies.

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