Executive’s Corner March 2022

Executive’s Corner  


It has now been a year since we launched Hope Delivered: Quarterly News from One Hope United. I hope you have been inspired by the impactful stories we have shared, found an opportunity to engage with our work, or have learned more about what One Hope United accomplishes.  

2022 started with several trips to Tallahassee to advocate for funding for the child welfare sector, with our partner, the Florida Coalition for Children, as well as introducing One Hope United to over 30 elected representatives. Our advocacy efforts will continue, and I look forward to building relationships with elected representatives in the states in which we operate.  

In this update, you will learn about our innovative residential program in Ft. Lauderdale, a therapist’s perspective on the Disney movie Encanto, and about our upcoming signature event, An Evening of Hope. 

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United In Hope, 

Dr. Charles A. Montorio-Archer 

President and CEO 

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