First Baptist Church generously donates bedding for Centralia Campus residents

Pictured: Melissa and Jim Webster, and Reverend Michael Skinner.

Melissa Webster, supervisor of the Hudelson Residential Campus in Centralia, was recently a guest at the First Baptist Church in Hillsboro, Illinois. The Reverend Michael Skinner invited Melissa to speak about the services the Residential Campus provides as well as receive some very special gifts for the residents on behalf of the church.

The First Baptist congregation collected almost thirty pillows, throw pillows and comforters—more than one for each youth residing on the Residential Campus. They made certain each youth received their own bedding.

This gift was the result of visits by members of the church to the Centralia campus. Most have been lifelong Baptists, and remember making different types of contributions to Hudelson throughout the years. The visitors wanted to see the treatment provided and the environment in which the youth live on campus.

The Hudelson Residential Campus wishes to thank the gracious members of the First Baptist Church for their gifts, their prayers and their wholehearted generosity.

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