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Foster Care

Currently, there are 400,000 children in foster care in the United States and not nearly enough foster parents to provide safe and loving homes for them all. While many of these children have experienced neglect and abuse, they have great potential to thrive in a nurturing environment. Our foster and adoptive families provide safe homes for these vulnerable children and youth with the help of OHU.

Our foster parents

make a difference

Foster parents can light a child’s path toward becoming a successful adult. One Hope United recruits and trains foster parents, providing supportive services to children and families. We work to strengthen families, relationships, and communication to help children overcome adversity and look forward to a prosperous future. 

We provide our foster parents with the following resources:

Foster parents

Foster Parent

Frequently Asked Questions

Foster parenting is very rewarding, but you must be someone who:

  • Has the ability to offer strength and love to a child who may have special needs and challenges. 

  • Possesses effective parenting skills. 

  • Open to collaboration with OHU team.

  • Will encourage the child to achieve their potential.

  • Will work with the child’s biological parents to ensure their best interests are top priority. 

We’re looking for compassionate and sensitive individuals for this very important work. If you enjoy helping others, love children, and appreciate challenges, please consider working with us. Contact us today.

Foster children come from all communities. They are children who are abandoned, neglected, abused, or locked out of their homes and are dependent on the social service system to help them. We make every effort to place children in their own communities to reduce their disruption and encourage contact with their own families.

Foster children range in age from infancy to 18 years old and are from all cultural and ethnic backgrounds. They have often experienced lifelong impoverishment, family stress, and violence. Foster children may need counseling, special education, and medical care. 

Those in need of foster care have been adversely affected in many ways: emotionally, developmentally, physically, and educationally. They may be traumatized by the separation from their parents and their siblings. The most impactful foster parents seek to understand each child’s individual needs and are instrumental in helping shape the child’s future. 

Foster parents receive monthly financial support for each child in their home. The amount varies with the child’s age and level of need. Medical and dental care is covered by the state medical insurance plan.

Foster parents are individuals over 21, married or single, and come from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds. They may have biological children, adopted children, or may never had children. Foster parents must also: 

  • Be in good physical and mental health. 

  • Meet state and local requirements for housing safety, have adequate space, and pass a background check. 

  • Demonstrate a level of acceptance towards the birth parents of children in care. 

  • Work cooperatively with the social work staff of the agency. 

  • Be willing to participate in training to provide the best care. 

  • Help a child move back to their biological home or a more permanent situation, if the permanency plan for the child is to return home. 

Below are some of the requirements to get you started: 

  • Undergo a criminal background check, including being fingerprinted. 

  • Complete an application packet. 

  • Participate in interviews with agency staff. 

  • Complete medical exams for all family members. 

  • Complete pre-service training. 

  • Attend ongoing training programs provided by One Hope United. 

  • Be financially stable and able to maintain financial responsibilities in your home. 

Little boy child care

Do you live in

Cook County?

One Hope United is part of the Illinois Early Childhood Court Team (ECCT), which helps children ages zero to three-years-old in the foster care system to achieve permanency more quickly.  

We are one of only two agencies in Cook County to provide this service and are currently recruiting Cook County foster parents to take part in this innovative and effective program.

A team-based approach

During their first three years of life, children undergo rapid development and require vigilant monitoring so emerging needs are quickly addressed. The Illinois Early Childhood Court Team (ECCT) model helps to ensure these young children in foster care receive the resources they need and their foster parents play an indispensable role.   

When a family participates in the ECCT program, they work with their case manager and community practice coordinator who help the child’s parents address the goals in their service plan and access the resources to help them succeed.  

What makes ECCT foster parents different?

Most children in ECCT are under the age of four. While ECCT foster parents require the same licensing as traditional foster parents, there are a few key differences. The foster parents:

  • Actively participate with their case manager and community practice coordinators
  • Co-parent with the children’s parents by hosting at least 1 of 3 parent visits a week
  • Attend a monthly Court Team meeting  

In addition to the standard benefits and reimbursements that all foster parents receive, ECCT foster parents receive benefits for hosting parent visits (up to $400/month). 

Making a real impact on babies’ lives

ECCT foster parents can help a young child stay on track during these formative years and improve their outcomes beyond what is typically found in traditional foster care. 

Studies show 97% of children and families in this program receive the services they need to make substantial progress in their goals.  

In fact, children reach permanency three times faster than the national average when utilizing this approach due to ECCT’s concurrent planning for the children’s permanency while the parents are working toward their goals. If the children are not able to return home to their parents, there is already a plan in place for them to be adopted. This prevents the attachment disruptions that can occur when children move through families on the way to permanency. 

One Hope United’s Foster Parent Implementation Plan

Ready to make a difference in a child's life?

Start the process by contacting us today.

Our adoption services in Illinois are limited to existing parents who are successfully fostering children already in their care.

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