Hope Talks | May 2021

Hope Talks

Aging Successfully Out of Foster Care”

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Hope Talks 

One Hope United is proud to bring you Hope Talks, monthly conversations with leaders in the child and family welfare sector. By having these conversations, we hope to inspire actionable change and work together to improve outcomes for the children and families we serve. 

In this month’s episode, Dr. Charles A. Montorio-Archer is joined by Ángela Quijada-Banks, CEO of Soulful Liberation and Author of The Black Foster Youth Handbook, to discuss Aging Successfully Out of Foster Care. 

About Ángela Quijada-Banks 

Ángela Quijada-Banks is a best-selling Author, Educator, Artist, and Purpose Coach with a tenaciously innovative drive for revolutionary transformation in the political, economic, health care, and child welfare systems. She works every day to learn how we can dispute and overcome the disparities for lowincome communities of color. Ángela focuses on accountability, restoration, and holistic healing in young people of color. Ángela shared, I will not stop until I can no longer keep going. 

About One Hope United 

Founded in 1895, One Hope United is a multistate nonprofit that helps children and families build the skills to live life without limits. We serve over 10,000 children and families each year through education centers, child and family services, counseling, and residential programs. With our evidence-based and trauma-informed practices, we empower children and families to see and create a future where, regardless of their past, they can reach their full potential. 

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