Indiana State University Students Volunteer at One Hope United

Over the weekend, four volunteers from Indiana State University helped out at OHU. They helped out with office work, met with clients for inspiration and even taught Zumba! The group included three President’s Scholars at ISU, who as part of their scholarship, volunteer each semester. This group included Taryn Ash, Dierre Littleton and Madeline Webster, daughter of OHU’s Melissa Webster. Another student, Cyndney Eaton, an honor student and pre-med major, also volunteered.

Dierre said:
“I had an awesome time this weekend. I really enjoyed the experience, and talking with those children. It was one of the best things I ever got to do in life. Being able to talk to people who went through severe things like myself, and show them you’re not alone and you can make it is the best gift I can give to anyone. It was amazing, and also eye opening for myself as well to show that, I was fortunate to turn out the way I did because it could always be worse. But nevertheless it was my pleasure doing all the things I got to do this weekend. You are amazing, and the people you work with are as well. I believe you all make a huge difference in these kids’lives from what I saw. The job you have is awesome. Also can you send a personal thanks to MOMMA CAROL. She is the bomb, and so are Emily, Kayla, and Jim. It would be my honor to come back and help out whenever I am needed, after all I LOVE WORKING WITH CHILDREN. I believe it’s one of my callings in life. I could go on and on but I think I covered the basics. Basically THANKS A MILLION!”

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