International Holiday Celebration at Elgin Child and Family Resource Center

The halls were decked at Elgin Child & Family Resource Center on Dec. 16, 2010. Each classroom studied a country and talked about the activities their chosen country did for their holidays culminating in the International Holiday Celebration. The halls were lined with tables of food, pictures of the children doing activities and examples of the children’s work. The gym had activity centers set up for parents to do international studies with their children. There was even a space for families to do a Bulgarian polka. Some of the countries on the list were Mexico, Columbia, Puerto Rico, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy and Spain.

There was a lot of excitement as families toured the halls, visiting all the countries.

Children were excited to show their families what they had taken part in.

Of course, the food that was presented created a fabulous festive time.

Staff members were so excited about this evening that they brought their family members as well.

Comments from the parents included:
“Thank you for doing this!”
“This is so special, we not only get to see what our children are learning but we get to spend time with other families too.”
“Something like this has never been done before, thank you. It is so special.”

The Elgin day care center is making up a little cookbook to have available for families. It will include the recipes that we had at the celebration night.

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