Kids at Bridgeport I in Chicago jump, hop and shake thanks to a Head Start Body Start grant

Bridgeport Child Development Center I children are jumping, hopping and shaking thanks to Enid Chesler from Head Start Body Start, who visited the Chicago child care center to meet staff and demonstrate some activities to do with bean bags. Bridgeport I was awarded the Head Start Body Start Grant to improve their outdoor play space. The $5,000 grant will be used to add materials and resurface the rooftop play area. Along with materials, the center staff will receive targeted training and technical assistance through site visits by a Physical Activity Consultant (PA). The PA consultant will observe, model and discuss strategies regarding physical activity and outdoor play as a part of their consultation. They will make recommendations regarding how newly acquired resources can be maximized to incorporate more movement activities outdoors.

In addition online courses and webinars will be offered to grant participants. This is a great opportunity for staff to discover the benefits of outdoor play across developmental domains, learn about the features of high quality outdoor play spaces and promote movement opportunities for children of all ability levels.

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