Marco Foster Hosts White Party at Underground Chicago to Benefit One Hope United

One of the hottest events in Chicago this week is hosted by Marco Foster to benefit One Hope United. Please join us for The White Party on Friday, July 29 from 9-11pm to light up The Underground Chicago. RSVP and more information available by clicking here. 

How did you get involved with One Hope United? 

I’m good friends with One Hope United Board Members, Ermit Finch and Jonni Milkos, and Chicago Development Associate Jenaeth Markaj. They told me about One Hope United and I realized since they deal directly with past experiences in my life, I knew I had to be involved!

Would you mind sharing with us a little about your experience as a foster child? 

It wasn’t the most exciting time of my life since I felt like I was being passed around like a basketball, changing schools and churches, and never really having enough time in one place to make any friends was tough. Then you always have the thoughts about why your biological parents weren’t there for you when you watch the Cosby Show or Family Ties. But things ended up working out in the end and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without those events happening in my life, so in a matter of speaking I am thankful for it.

What advice would you give someone who was thinking about becoming a foster parent? 

You have to keep an open mind and try to understand the child. There is so much more going through a child’s head when it comes to meeting new parents, the relationship with their biological parents, and also adjusting to a new environment. A child just needs someone who is going to be there for him/her at first. Talking is one of the biggest gifts you can give someone who feels like they can’t talk to anyone about their situation.

Tell us about your fabulous birthday party and why you decided to partner with OHU. 

Well, my birthday is secondary on the agenda. I wanted to do an event to support One Hope United and the timing worked out where I could do both parties in the same shot. I have to thank Rockit Ranch ProductionsThe Underground Chicago, NBC ChicagoTrunk Club and Modern Luxury for helping to make this event possible! I’m really excited and I can’t wait for the 29th!

Marco Foster is a South Side native that runs an IT helpdesk by day and an online community for the fashion/modeling world by night called “Chicago Models.” Through his involvement in the Chicago Fashion and Nightlife scene, he has found ways to give back to the community by creating Fashion and Charity based events.

Photo by Amie Photography


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