OHU Recognizes Staff for Representing Agency’s Promises

One Hope United gave out the 2012 Promise Awards to nine staff members at the joint board meeting on June 15. The awards recognize employees who exemplify the agency promises of hope, collaboration, innovation, leadership and results.

Below is a list of this year’s award winners:

Hope Awards: Denny Clouse and Adrienne Patterson Green

The Hope Award recognizes employees who inspire others; present a hopeful, positive outlook for the future; embrace our mission; serve as agency ambassadors; encourage others; are persistent; and promote a culture of respect.


Leadership Award: Margaret Vergamini and Emily Blackburn

Leadership Award winners are inspiring, visionary strategists; enable others to act; model the way; encourage the heart; challenge the process; and inspire a shared vision.

Innovation Award: Katrina Brewsaugh and Rachel Stransky

Innovation Award recipients model the way by thinking outside the box; challenging the process; bringing solutions to problems; finding a better way to do business; and serving as implementers and trailblazers.


Results Award: Sarah Tunning

This award is given for being an achiever; having a relentless pursuit of excellence; being passionate about quality and attention to detail; seeing projects through and closing the communication loop; and believing improvement is possible.


Collaboration Award: Jean F. Nobbe

The Collaboration Award acknowledges an employee for modeling the way by embracing partnerships and outreach; practicing servant-leadership; valuing teamwork and communication; and promoting a culture of respect.


In addition, this year the Executive Leadership Team gave out a special Super Star award to recognize the significant contribution of one of its own.

Super Star Award 2012: Dr. Fotena A. Zirps

This award recognizes exceptional leadership and innovation, and it offers appreciation for lighting a path for future One Hope United leaders to flourish.


Congratulations to all the award winners and thank you for your dedication to protecting children and strengthening families!

To download and/or view all the Promise Award photos, click here.


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