OHU residential treatment helps teen accept responsibility, resolve conflict

Hudelson Region: Brandon, 16, is the oldest of four children of divorced parents. He was removed from his mother’s home because she felt she couldn’t handle him. He refused to go to school and had legal problems, including theft, property destruction and truancy. This caused much conflict with his mother and siblings.

When Brandon entered One Hope United’s residential treatment program, he struggled with structure and was argumentative. He also owed legal fines. One Hope United offered Brandon a chance to do restitution to earn money to pay them off. Brandon resented having to work, but the One Hope United team helped him realize he had to pay off his debts and leave his legal troubles behind him.

Over time, Brandon started to work towards paying his fines and began treatment with a therapist and treatment team. He began having visits with his family: one weekend with his mother, and the next with his father. Family therapy took place with his mom, and with his dad, and then with both. Within nine months, Brandon was able to return to his mother’s home. He attends school every day. The treatment team is most proud of how he matured while in treatment. He is a role model for his younger siblings and paid off most of his fines. Brandon is working at a farm to continue paying his debts rather than burdening his mother with them. He accepts responsibility for his consequences. One Hope United continues to work with Brandon in aftercare, helping find services and resolve conflict with his mother, father and siblings.

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