OHU STAFF SPOTLIGHT | Adrienne Patterson-Green

Meet Adrienne Patterson-Green, an OHU director who shows great dedication and passion for our mission!


OHU: What is your job title & how long have you been an employee at OHU?

APG: Director of Programs, Home Visiting. I have been employed with One Hope United for 13 years.


OHU: What sparked your interest in this career field?

APG: I was a recent college graduate and I was unable to find employment in my field. A friend started working at a social services agency and told me that I should apply to be a case manager in their foster care department. I immediately fell in love with the job and discovered a passion for helping families and children.


OHU: Why are your programs so important?

APG: Teen parents are the most vulnerable and at a higher risk to abuse or neglect their children due to their inexperience at being a parent. Home visiting programs provide young parents with the support, encouragement, and role modeling needed to help them become more successful. In addition, home visiting helps prepare children to become more successful when they enter school, as we provide important kindergarten readiness skill building activities during home visiting. Home visitors are able to provide concrete support to families by connecting them with community resources, which is important for families who are in need and don’t know where to search for help. Research shows that home visitors provide more than just supporting mothers regarding parenting-related issues; we are now being trained to address healthy relationships (domestic violence) and post-natal depression, and to identify parents who may be struggling with addiction prenatally (alcohol/drug). It is believed that, through the trusting relationships that home visitors establish with parents through consistent home visits, parents are more likely to divulge information about their struggles that they might not be comfortable admitting to others.


OHU: What has been your most memorable moment in your role?

APG: I enjoy when home visitors share success stories about their clients’ progress while in our programs. Whether it be finding housing, having the courage to leave an abusive relationship, graduating from high school, or finding employment for the first time, their successes make me feel like I am doing the right thing at the right time in my life. In addition, I love chaperoning field trips for our teen parents in the Wings program. Being a part of creating positive memories for these families is an indescribable feeling for me.


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