OHU youth therapy team recognized for 'outstanding' work

One Hope United’s Multisystemic Therapy (MST) team in Mt. Vernon, Ill., was awarded a certificate of recognition by the MST “Whatever it Takes” program for its “outstanding and meritorious” work.

“MST Services acknowledged the OHU MST Team for its excellent outcomes and superior adherence to the model as demonstrated by a completion rate consistently above the 85 percent that is expected, a measure of therapist fidelity that was 100 percent and of supervisor fidelity that is consistently at the high end of the measurement tool,” said MST System Supervisor Liz Buchanan.

The Mt. Vernon team includes Supervisor Jennifer Shook, Michelle Troyer, Sophia Ruffin and Afthan Taylor.

The MST program is an evidence-based treatment approach to serving youth in their communities. It aims to keep families together by reducing the risk of out-of-home placement.

Youth treated in the program have chronic delinquent behavior and school issues. MST also helps parents build supportive social networks and empower them to more effectively address the needs of their children.

The OHU team manages difficult cases and covers a large geographic area.

“When the data is reviewed for all teams internationally the OHU staff stands out for their strong clinical skill, persistence and high commitment to families,” Buchanan said.

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