One Hope United received a $10,000 grant from the Cardinal Health Foundation

Funds to benefit prevention programs in Lake County, Illinois

One Hope United was recognized by the Cardinal Health Foundation with a $10,000 grant from its Essential to Wellness Program for the second consecutive year. The grant benefits One Hope United’s Wings and Healthy Families Illinois (HFI) programs, which will provide essential support services for single and teen parents in Lake County, Illinois who are at-risk of neglecting and ultimately abusing their children.

“One Hope United is privileged to be able to partner with the Cardinal Health Foundation to drive improvements in the area of health and wellness for our Wings clients and their infants and young children,” said Mark McHugh, executive director for the nonprofit. “These prevention programs are privately funded and we would not be able to offer these services without the generous support of organizations such as the Cardinal Health Foundation.”

The Wings program of One Hope United serves to help new par?ents adjust to the responsibilities of parenthood. Targeted for new and expecting parents, Wings promotes positive parent-child interaction. It works to enhance family functioning, build trusting relationships and teach problem-solving skills. The purpose of this service is to prevent child abuse and neglect. Wings is available to families from the prenatal period until the child reaches the age of 5, at no cost, thanks to donors like the Cardinal Health Foundation. To inquire about the voluntary Wings program in Lake County please call, 847.245.6800.

“Investing in a child abuse prevention program such as Wings has actually been proven to provide economic benefits,” said McHugh. “Research has repeatedly shown that child abuse and neglect imparts substantial monetary costs to society (an estimated $103.8 billion in 2007 according to Prevent Child Abuse America) and staggering costs on child victims’ life outcomes. This grant from the Cardinal Health Foundation is especially important as it will enable One Hope United maintain service levels and, hopefully, serve an increasing number of at-risk families.”

The One Hope United Healthy Families Illinois (HFI) program works with first-time parents to promote strength-based parenting skills and family bonds. Services begin during pregnancy or within two weeks after the birth of a child, and provide valuable information on parenting issues, educational opportunities, child development, parent-child bonding, teen parenting and family goals/support plans. In-home visits are scheduled based on family need and can range from multiple visits/week to one visit/month. First-time parents age 14 or older who reside in Lake County are eligible, and there is no cost to families in the program.  For more information, contact One Hope United at 847.245.6824.


About The Cardinal Health Foundation

Since 2001, Cardinal Health and the Cardinal Health Foundation have contributed more than $150 million in cash and product donations to non-profit organizations, domestically and abroad. For more information, visit

About One Hope United

One Hope United is a private human service organization dedicated to protecting children and strengthening families. One Hope United offers a diverse array of prevention, intervention and community-based programs. One Hope United also specializes in child welfare system management, reform, consultation and training. With principal offices in Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri and Florida, One Hope United serves more than 15,000 children and their families across the country each year. For more information, visit



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