Providing Hope and Healing for Survivors of Child Abuse

Providing Hope and Healing for Survivors of Child Abuse

Written by Dennis Delgado, Executive Director of One Hope United’s Community Based Family Services

Why does child abuse occur in the first place? Truthfully, there is never any excuse for it. But while it can be difficult to view perpetrators of child abuse as human beings facing many challenges in their own lives, they are in fact struggling with things like lack of parental capacity or parental education. Even in the face of such adversity, there is hope. With systems in place to address factors including stress, substance abuse, mental health treatment, and parental support, our communities can come together to help keep our children safe.

Abuse causes severe trauma for children and youth – trauma that can often be prevented through additional resources and education for families. The case managers and therapists at OHU’s Community Based Family Services provide evidence-based programs for youth who have experienced trauma, including child abuse. These programs, including Multi-Systemic Therapy (MST) and Intensive Family Services (IFS), are designed to address the needs of youth who may still be experiencing emotional or behavioral problems as they process trauma. We offer resources, education, and redirection that increases their capacity to lead happier and healthier lives as they grow and move toward healing.

Additionally, OHU helps caregivers, as well as the overall family unit, to overcome concerns that have led to unsafe living conditions or decreased parenting capacity. These programs include, but are not limited to, Intact Family Services, Foster Care, Extensive Community Home Outreach (ECHO), Wrap, and traditional outpatient counseling services. Our case managers and therapists in these programs target the specific reasons for case referral, as well as the factors that contributed to caregivers choosing to abuse or neglect their children. Ultimately, these services allow caregivers to gain the knowledge, understanding, and treatment needed to fully care for their children in a manner that encourages growth, development, and healing.

Healing is an interesting concept that every person understands differently. At One Hope United, healing is the process through which children and families can become healthy again. We all heal, and become whole again, in ways that are unique to our own minds. Real healing is an individual journey where we restore what is damaged to work toward a healthy future. It looks different for every person, because to heal, each person needs to make a conscious decision to allow the process to begin. Just as healthcare professionals helps patients heal after a physical injury or illness, One Hope United’s child welfare professionals, social workers and therapists guide children, youth and families toward a path and lifestyle of healing that is sustainable and life-affirming.

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