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School Age Care

One Hope United’s School Age Program offers before school and after school education, along with programs during holidays and over the summer. Our school-age children choose from activities that offer a change of pace from the structured school day. We promote self-expression through art, singing, dancing, and drama. Cooperative group activities build language and social skills, while time in the gym and on the playground strengthens their bodies.  

The School Age centers also follow the hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) philosophy where children learn problem-solving skills that help their academic performance. Additionally, homework time is provided with assistance by qualified teachers. 



School Age Care-Kobe

Social-Emotional Development

Children in this program have opportunities to work together on creative projects, play board games, and be with friends in a supervised setting. 

School Age Care Science

Intellectual Development

In this program, children participate in activities designed to enhance their developmental skills. Teachers play a proactive role by actively seeking out children’s ideas and involving them in shaping the program.

School Age Care sports

Physical Development

School-age children need opportunities to unwind through physical games and team sports. One Hope United programs encourage them to make independent choices with the teacher’s support and supervision. 

Bridgeport School Age care

Moral Development and Guidance

School-age children can set rules for their own behavior and that of others. Still, they need a teacher’s guidance in helping them apply rules of fairness to situations they encounter in a relaxed out-of-school setting. 

School Age Care

Healthy Lifestyle

One Hope United’s School Age Program emphasizes healthy lifestyles and proper nutrition with the understanding that a healthy body fuels a healthy mind.  

School Age Care

Summer Camp

One Hope United Child Development Centers’ Summer Camp offers fun, hands-on academic activities along with sports, cooking, arts and crafts. There are plenty of opportunities to make new friends and experience diverse cultures. 

What our parents Say
“I’m impressed with how much interaction the teachers have with the students”
Parent of child in School Age Care

sample Summer Camp


Tuesdays Talent Tuesday  |  Wednesdays Movie & Popcorn  |  Thursdays Arts & Crafts

Summer Camp Schedule


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