Staff Spotlight: Jokotade Greenberg

Meet Jokotade Greenberg, Family Support Coordinator for Head Start and Early Head Start programs at our early learning centers!

What is your job title & how long have you been an employee at OHU?

I am the Family Services Coordinator for the Early/Head Start programs and have been with One Hope United since January 2016.

What sparked your interest in this career field?

I have always been fascinated by how important the years from birth to age five are in a person’s life. When I had an opportunity to work in a capacity where I could support families in giving their children the best possible start at life, I leapt at the chance.

Why are your programs so important?

Our programs work to identify families who would benefit the most from having a partner come alongside them to support their work with their young children. For many who live with some level of social isolation, having the resources that our programs provide makes all the difference when it comes to supporting their children’s development. This is why our programs are such a vital part of the communities that we serve.

Can you share a success story or something you are most proud of doing in your role?

I am currently very excited about the coalition of public health stakeholders that I have been able to gather to serve on the Health Services Advisory Committee for our Early Head Start program in Waukegan, IL. The children in that program are our youngest participants and Lake County has a unique set of challenges when it comes to serving the health needs of low income families. Therefore, I have been very proud of my work of bringing in relevant members of the local health community to address the needs and concerns related to health that are relevant to our participating families.

What are you most excited about as far as the future of your role?

I am excited to expand the reach of our Bridgeport centers more into the McKinley Park and New City communities.


Head Start programs promote school readiness of children ages birth to five from low-income families by supporting their development in a comprehensive way. The Head Start model provides a nurturing environment that supports the healthy growth and development of each child in the context of the child’s family, culture and community. 


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