Story of Hope: An Early Father's Day

On April 23, 2010, Lane Bennett achieved his life-long dream of becoming a father. Like an increasing number of single men, Lane explored the option of adoption and found that it was the perfect decision for him. Lane always knew he wanted to be a father and he felt that through adoption, he could share his home and his love with a child who needed it most. Lane knew that the adoption process would be challenging, especially as a single father, but he was fully committed from the very beginning.

After his adoption home study was approved, Lane enthusiastically began his search for his adopted child. Lane attended an Adoption Recruitment Event in October, where amidst numerous waiting children and adoptive parents, Lane was introduced to an 11-year-old boy, Bradley.

Lane and Bradley’s connection was immediate. The pair shared may things in common such as their outgoing and happy personalities, love of video games and their desire for a family. Lane and Bradley soon began visiting with each other and it became obvious that the match was meant to be.

Bradley, who easily attached to Lane, moved in with Lane in time for the Christmas holiday. Bradley was so excited about his new family, that he even began changing his last name at school, which caused some confusion for his teachers!

As a single father, Lane met each challenge of raising a special needs child with a positive attitude and his decision to adopt Bradley never wavered. Lane successfully navigated the educational system to ensure that Bradley’s educational needs were met. In fact, Bradley has made huge strides in his educational progress since being placed in Lane’s home. Lane also continued to meet regularly with an adoption mental health therapist to help make Bradley’s transition into his adoptive home as smooth as possible. Lane and Bradley quickly bonded, and on April 23, 2010, Lane legally became Bradley’s father.

When most people think of a single parent adopting a child, they usually picture a single mother. This story of hope clearly demonstrates that a successful and loving adoptive parent comes in all shapes and sizes. Lane will really have a reason to celebrate this Father’s Day, as he and his son look forward to a lifetime of memories to come!

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