We’re thrilled to share with you some very exciting news! As Mark McHugh – Executive Director of our Northern Region (pictured at left) – mentioned in his comments at our Blue Ribbon Event on Sunday, April 13th, OHU was selected to implement a state-wide initiative designed to revolutionize human services in Illinois.

Governor Pat Quinn has announced that the state’s first “Pay for Success” project (also termed Social Impact Bonds), will fund the expansion of proven programs that serve youth involved in Illinois’ child welfare and juvenile justice systems. The press release below provides more details on this public-private partnership, which is one of only four partnerships of its kind in the nation currently being implemented.

This project acknowledges One Hope United’s 119-year history of providing a diverse array of prevention, intervention and community-based support programs to vulnerable, high-risk populations while providing us the support we need to create innovative, best-in-class solutions for families and children in Illinois. Approximately 800 youth will be served over the seven years of the project.

This initiative places OHU among a select group of organizations across the country who are embarking on exciting new models of collaboration with government agencies and nonprofit organizations, but we couldn’t do what we do without the support of individuals like you. We thank you so much for all that you do on behalf of One Hope United and are looking forward to sharing with you the impact this initiative will have for Illinois’ most disadvantaged children and families, and for all of those we serve across the country.

Click here to read the full press release!