Rebound Transitional Living Program

Rebound Transitional Living Program

Rebound Transitional Living Program

Rebound is a community-based transitional living facility serving youth ages 17–20 who lack traditional families.

This program works with the youth on employment skills, educational completion, money management and other life skills needed to become independent adults who contribute to their community.

Counselors and peers help youth to recognize and redirect limiting social and vocational behaviors into positive and productive behaviors and actions.

Rebound participants develop their own individual transitional living plans with the goal of achieving independence by age 21.

The Rebound Environment

Rebound staff work to create a supportive, home-like environment where the values of dignity, respect for self and others, and resiliency are taught.

Focusing on relationship development, staff members become trusted adults that the youth can come to for advice and comfort.

Rebound provides a safe place where young men are reminded of their strengths, provided educational and vocational opportunities, and are encouraged to make better decisions for their futures.

Services Offered

  • Individualized treatment plan
  • Individual and family counseling
  • Drug and alcohol treatment through community referral
  • Psychiatric assessment
  • High school diploma or GED preparation
  • Assistance in college or trade school enrollment
  • Vocational opportunities
  • Assistance in seeking employment
  • Budgeting and money-management training
  • Conflict resolution and anger management counseling

Who is Eligible?

Young men between the ages of 17 and 20 who lack traditional families.


There is no cost to young adults in this program.


One Hope United accepts referrals from the Illinois Department of Corrections, Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, and various county probation departments.

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