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Hope Houses

One Hope United’s Hope Houses offer an innovative and progressive process that supports youth ages 13 – 17 who are involved in child and family services and the juvenile justice system. These youth are often underserved, which is what drove us to create a different approach to care. Unlike traditional facilities, we are a ‘family home’ emphasizing genuine connections, understanding, love, and acceptance. We advocate for them in all aspects of life and their journey to successful adulthood. 

Hope House Birthday

Our Approach

No Eject, No Reject
Our unique approach to care is rooted in understanding children’s traumas and triggers, guiding them towards healthy coping mechanisms. Recognizing our youth have often experienced a lack of control in life, we prioritize giving them choices to make their voice heard. We also help them navigate difficulties in court or with any judicial proceedings they might be involved in.  

By empowering them in decision-making, we create a sense of responsibility to help develop healthy ways of dealing with difficult situations. We cultivate accountability in our youth, encouraging them to express feelings, address emotions, and learn from mistakes.  

Building trust and connection is at the heart of our approach, ensuring every child feels, no matter what, they have a place to call home. 

Hope House Staff

Our Team

House Parents are compassionate caregivers who live with the children, providing the love, guidance, and support of a family. They ensure daily care and create a warm home environment. There is a 5:4 staff ratio in each Hope House.

Youth Care Workers form deep connections with our youth. Since they are closer in age, it’s easier for the Hope House residents to open up to them. They help with homework, pick them up from school, assist with job applications, and more! 

Therapists provide specialized support, helping the children navigate their feelings, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and work towards healing and personal growth. 

Our Model


Hope House youth staff family

A Family Home, Not A Group Home

Experience a truly innovative and progressive outlook to care, creating a stable family home in a safe neighborhood. We focus on building trust and connections, providing support and a place to call home. 

Hope House youth bedroom

Personalized Space and Experience

We empower individuals to make meaningful decisions about their lives, including personal space, style, and preferences. Each choice a Hope House resident makes is respected and honored. 

Hope House youth canvas art

Therapeutic Healing

Our on-site Therapists prioritize understanding trauma, identifying triggers, and equipping our youth with necessary tools for healing. By exploring their hobbies – like music, art, and gardening – we introduce healthy ways to manage and support their overall wellbeing. 

Hope House staff with youth

Preparation for the Future

We prepare the youth in our care for life as an independent adult. Our Youth Care Workers play a vital role in offering support and guidance, helping them build healthy relationships and develop essential life skills like how to cook, write a resume, start a savings account, and more. 

what people are saying

“Hope House is one of a kind. At other group homes, I felt like I was just a number. At Hope House, I actually felt like they cared.”

Hope House youth

“We believe in ‘no eject, no reject’ because we have to understand that we need to connect in order to correct.”

OHU Hope House staff

“The staff at Hope House helped a lot during my transition as I was aging out. I actually don’t know where I would be right now if I didn’t come across Hope House. It has been a big help.” 

Hope House youth

“I thought Hope House was going to be like any other group home, but what I noticed right away is that they were going to work with me at my own pace. They were more patient and weren’t so quick to give up on me.” 

Hope House youth

“Hope House is the only placement I have ever had where I can say it felt like home.”

Hope House youth

“Before, I felt like my future was going to be in the streets. When I went to Hope House it really changed my mindset. I had to figure out the bigger picture for my life and I did. A few days ago I got a job doing security work at Florida’s State Capitol. I want to do better, invest, make money, and have a family someday.”

Hope House youth

Hear from our Hope House Families

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Hope Houses are located in the following counties:

Broward County (3)

Miami/Dade County (2)

Osceola County (1)

Pinellas County (1)

Volusia County (2)

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