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Kindergarten Care

One Hope United’s Kindergarten Program is designed to provide learning in all areas of development (cognitive, emotional, physical, social, math, and literacy). Students must be 5 years old as of September 1st to enroll. 



Kindergarten Care Graduates

Social-Emotional Development

We nurture empathy, communication, and teamwork through engaging activities like group discussions and games to allow children to navigate emotions and build meaningful relationships with peers.

Kindergarten Care

Intellectual Development

We encourage curiosity and problem-solving skills through hands-on STEM activities, reading, and writing to encourage a love for learning and critical thinking.

infant care

Physical Development

Children engage in active play outdoors to develop motor skills and promote overall health. Indoor activities focus on fine motor skills through drawing, crafting, and building.

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Moral Development and Guidance

Our educators help children make ethical choices and understand the importance of empathy and fairness. They teach conflict resolution skills to nurture responsibility, respect, and integrity.

What our parents Say
“We couldn't be happier with OHU’s Kindergarten Program. Our child has gained so much confidence and enthusiasm for learning. Highly recommend it!”
Parent of child in Kindergarten Program



Kindergarten Schedule
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