OHU Announces Damon Cates as Interim CEO

We are pleased to announce Damon Cates as the new Interim President & CEO of One Hope United. While many are acquainted with Damon as our Chief Advancement Officer, Damon’s career in development and fundraising has spanned over 18 years at the University of Chicago where he led alumni relations and development programs for several of the University’s academic units. In addition to UChicago, Damon has held leadership fundraising positions at the University of Pennsylvania and Stanford University. 

Beyond Damon’s typical work week, his dedication to our mission extends to his freetime, where you can frequently find him visiting various OHU sites and volunteering for events. Whether he’s shadowing case workers to gain insight into our various programs and services or cheering on OHU kids as they open their new basketball court, Damon consistently demonstrates his support to our organization.

As the OHU Board of Directors embark on a search for the next CEO to increase access to quality early childhood education, improve child welfare outcomes, and expand mental health services, we are confident in Damon’s leadership to provide collaboration and teamwork. 

“My priorities have been and will continue to remain focused on our Hope Members,” Damon said. “The children and families we serve critically depend on Hope Members having the necessary tools and resources they need to do their best work. It is my top priority to ensure our teams are best equipped to solve the challenges of those who most need us and our services.”

With Damon’s seasoned leadership and dedication to our mission, we are excited for the chapters he will help write in our organization’s inspiring journey. Congratulations, Damon!

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