Thriving Together Luncheon: Nurturing Bright Futures and Inspiring Change

We are happy to announce that our Spring Luncheon, Thriving Together, was a great success! The event brought our community together at the beautiful USG Headquarters in Chicago to help break the cycles of poverty, trauma, and neglect. Together, we raised an astounding $155,000 that will go towards our early education and child development centers. Opening doors to a brighter future, this will help us provide vital health screenings for hearing and vision, STEM supplies, computer stations, books, and more! 

A heartfelt thank you goes out to Lieutenant Governor, Juliana Stratton, for her powerful speech on advocating education and children’s welfare. She truly inspired us all, highlighting the importance of building stronger, more equitable communities. Her words reinforced the belief that investing in early childhood education is a powerful catalyst for a world where every child can flourish.


Another highlight of the day was the presentation of the Chairman’s Award to John W. Rogers Jr., a true visionary and the driving force behind Ariel Investments. Rogers’s dedication to the Chicagoland community has paved the way for economic opportunities and transformed the lives of countless underserved youth. We were also fortunate to hear from Cree Thurmond, a valued Hope Member, who shared her heartfelt experience as a parent with children in OHU’s program while also being a part of our dedicated team. Her story was truly captivating, filled with inspiration that touched the hearts of everyone in the room. 

To further support our mission, you can donate here to play a part in our incredible journey. Together, we can empower children and families, opening doors to a world where everyone has access to quality education. Let’s continue thriving together!


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