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Toddler Care

One Hope United understands that toddlers want independence as they learn to walk and talk. Our Toddler program allows children the freedom to attempt new experiences with carefully selected toys and learning materials. These children will gain confidence as they begin to learn through a flexible yet structured schedule, which will include time for self-exploration and group experiences. 



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Social-Emotional Development

Toddlers enjoy independence as they learn to act and speak for themselves. Providing opportunities to make choices, helping children label objects and feelings, and giving comfort when children become frustrated are fundamental to this program’s daily routine. Social learning includes being kind to friends, playing side-by-side, turn-taking, and simple role-playing. 

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Intellectual Development

Toddlers learn through manipulating objects and opportunities. The Toddler program provides materials for building, exploring, putting together and taking apart. The role of caregivers in this program is to ask and answer questions, acknowledge learning, model language, and provide appropriate materials to foster curiosity. 

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Physical Development

One Hope United’s Toddler program encourages physical activities to foster and develop strength, balance, and coordination as children engage in outdoor and indoor play. Small muscles develop through activities such as playing with playdough, interlocking blocks, and grooving to music. Children gain independence through self-help skills such as using the toilet, washing hands, eating with a spoon and fork, and dressing and undressing themselves, with the assistance of teachers as necessary. 

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Moral Development and Guidance

Infants and toddlers rely on the reactions to their behaviors to determine right from wrong. Caregiver guidance that is consistent, firm, and lovingly applied is what children depend on in order to learn the fundamental ways of relating to others.  

What our parents Say
“One Hope United provides such an enriched environment that I could not provide at home.”
Parent of child in Toddler Care



Toddler Care Schedule
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