Intact Family Services

Intact Family Services

Intact Family Services

Intact Family Services maintain and strengthen family units, by providing in-home services designed to prevent children from entering the foster care system.  This program, works with family strengths, monitors the family dynamics, provides linkages to community resources, assists with housing or school issues, and provides information regarding child development/age appropriate behavior and discipline as well as general case management services. Emphasis is on child safety and keeping the family together. The program provides intensive in-home case management as well as 24-hour response to emergencies.

Services Offered

  • Case management—Provide families with case managers, who monitor families weekly to ensure that the families are provided and linked with needed services.
  • Linkage with substances abuse treatment programs— Referrals for both inpatient and outpatient drug treatment programs are available to all family members.
  • In-home counseling—Program provides weekly counseling for adults, children, couples and families. Intact also refers families to out-of-home counseling within the community.
  • Community linkage services—Families are referred to a number of community-based services, including: medical services, counseling, drug/alcohol treatment support groups, food pantries, housing, employment training and continuing education programs.

Who is Eligible?

  • Families who have been referred to One Hope United from the Department of Children and Family Services intact administrator.
  • Indicated and unfounded cases are eligible for service.


There is no cost to DCFS-referred families..

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